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The Humboldt County Council on Adoptable Children’s mission is to:

  • To encourage maximum community effort to find a permanent, loving, and capable family and home for every child that is or should in his best interests be legally free to adoptive placement and able to adjust to and benefit from such placement; support the public and private child welfare agencies, the courts, and the persons concerned with finding or providing such homes; to promote the welfare of adoptable children through education and information dissemination to the general public, adoptive parents, and prospective adoptive parents, and child welfare organizations by any and all means including, but not limited to public and private meetings, lectures, institutes, discussions, the use of mass media, preparations; publication, and distribution, including sale of periodicals, pamphlets, papers, brochures, cards, newsletters, pictures, movies, slides, articles, books, reports, and any and all other types of printed or published materials.
  • To encourage, support and educate members in their roles as adoptive parents.
  • To aid, assist, advise, and counsel persons and agencies concerned with the welfare of unplaced adoptable children.